The relationship status with our Silver Lake property…’s complicated.   We’re doing our best to be patient while working through the challenges of the planning stage.  It’s important to step back and look at the overall pros and cons to realize that it’s well worth the effort and persistence.  It will be our most ambitious and compelling project so far.
  Pro’s –  a stellar view, looking towards the Ivanhoe Reservoir clear across to the open meadow and neighborhood preschool.  A walk around the reservoir tempts you all day long!  It’s in the Ivanhoe school district, walking distance to the playground, park, restaurants and shopping. It’s the best you could ask for in a dreamy and highly desirable neighborhood.
  Cons –  the existing house has a TERRIBLE layout.  The kitchen is downstairs which feels like a dark dreary afterthought and the rooms are split up into small spaces that don’t capture the view.  It’s also a hillside property, home remodelers beware, construction costs on a hillside are much higher than on a flat lot.  This house is on a downslope from street level to the 2nd story below.  So adding onto the back of the house would require a ton of engineering and support.
  Our challenge is to figure out  how to add-on to an existing house on a hillside, within our budget.  We worked on a plan which was engineered and bid on, only to discover it would be far more expensive than we could afford.  So back to the drawing board to figure out how to add-on using the existing foundation.  One solution may be to go up, adding a 3rd floor above the street level. Stay posted!