Silver Lake Renovation, Update!

We’re nearing completion on our Silver Lake project!  Our planning stage was long and drawn out, but once we started construction, fortunatly things moved very quickly!   We’re a few months away from being finished.

Here’s the sloped roofline taking shape on the front side.


Below, preparations underway to install the windows.


We chose to use Milgard Aluminum windows in the Anodized Bronze finish.


Next waterproofing happens to prepare for the exterior siding!


We chose to use ‘ship lap’ siding, which means overlapping horizontal planks are cut to size and carefully put in place.  We used smooth HardiePlank Lap siding, a weatherproof and very long lasting product.


Here’s the backside of the house, siding installation in progress.




On the interior, once the electrical, plumbing, AC/heat vents and insullatoin were installed, the drywall went up.


As you can see, once the drywall is installed, things starts to look complete!   We love seeing the drywall go up…the house suddenly takes shape!


Next we focus on materials….everything needs to be ordered ahead of time, coordinated and delivered so that when the installers are ready they have everything on hand.   For shower tile, we chose Heath Ceramics, their Modern Basics collection, each shower in a different color.

Below is the Heron Blue in the master bathroom, paired with a grey porcelain floor tile, and white hexagons for the shower floor.   We’re planning on an off-white shade of Caesarstone or polished marble for the countertops.


Heath Ceramics wall tiles are very laborious to install.  Since they are handmade, each peice varies in size, color and shape and they take extra care to install so that they look right.  Although at the same time, the variation and imperfection is what makes the tiles look so beautiful.


Next up, we decided on exterior paint color.  It was between a grey (too cold), an olive green (too similar to what we’ve done in the past) and a dark blue (modern and bold).  Partially inspired by the siding we used on our Nichols Canyon renovation a year ago, we wanted the house to take on a modern ranch look rather than a cottage look.



The facade is still mostly covered by a fence but here’s a sneak peak at how it’s looking now.



Next up, cabinetry will get installed!  Then light fixtures, countertops, bathroom and sink fixtures, tubs, sinks toilets, mirrors and all the fun little details…..stay posted!